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Pindeavor takes overhead action-RPG style mechanics and themes them along pinball-like powers. Bump, bounce, roll, and reflect obstacles as you make your way through 9 dungeons, facing off against enemies, bosses, and lots of balls and bricks. Without a weapon, you have to dodge your way around hazards, bounce enemies out of the way, use pinballs to open paths forward, and uncover upgrades so you can make your way to the witch causing all the trouble. Because you yourself are a completely innocent adventurer in all of this mess. When life hands you a hefty ballgown, you make pinball out of it.

Windows 10 or higher may be required to run games made in this version of GameMaker Studio.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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I finally got to the part where you can choose to leave the ballgown on or use the artifact to take it off, but now I'm afraid to use a save point afterward because I want to see all the game's endings.  But I can't get too far in the game without refilling my health.  I forget, does it say anywhere if you can load the artifact save point back after beating the game and seeing an ending or not?

You can return to that point after beating the game.

How do you deflect the red balls in the maze where a thousand red balls are constantly attacking?

It depends on which choice you made. If you went with one choice, you can't reflect the red magic attacks, only blue and purple. If you made a different choice, you can destroy magic attacks with your sword.

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Could the number of flying heads be a bug?  I've been pushed to the beginning of the maze dozens of times now.  I can't really tell if the number of witch heads is staying the same or not.  The red magic attacks are also causing the game to lag.

Also, based on the second image you have on this page, I think my game is missing that purple column of light.   The first red attack always knocks health down to 65 as well, so I don't know how it's 70 in the picture.

It's not a bug, that's the challenge for the stage to dodge them. The column of light in the picture is the power you get in that stage that allows you to destroy the floating head enemies.

Once you get that one boss out of it's flying golden coffin how do you damage it?

When you're in the air, you can bounce the blue sparks back at the boss.

How do you get past the worm thing that locks you in the same room as it?

Which dungeon? There are a few wormy enemies.

If it's the dungeon where you got the anchor ability, when it fires a blue shot, activate the anchor and you'll hold your ground so the shot bounces back at the boss. Avoid the red and purple shots.

If it's the later dungeon where you fight the worm multiple times, there are a few different conditions. You either need to reach the stairs, wait out the timer so the stairs appear, or use the pinballs to fight back.

I meant the first worm boss where I figured out you had to hit its tail and then hit it again.  This game is pretty hard.  Now I'm at the part where you fight the witch again but it's really difficult getting the pinball to hit her enough times without her knocking the MC's health down to zero and having to restart the whole dungeon.  Is there a save point closer to her that I can't find?

No, you have to do the final boss gauntlet in one run.

Not sure which version of the boss you're fighting, but if it's the one where she launches red pinballs at you, you don't have to hit her with those. Your ultimate power/shatter are what influences the timer.

The ballgown art looks pretty neat, but also kinda small.  I can't see the main character that well.  Are there bigger images or endings in the game where we can see the hero better?

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Thanks for playing! All the final versions are rendered out at the size used in the game. Here's the unprocessed character art at a larger size for you: